Audio Books

  • Bookshare

    Bookshare is a free resource for audio and textbooks for students with documented print disabilities like dyslexia and other learning differences such as autism, adhd, hearing loss, and intellectual differences.

  • Learning Ally

    Learning Ally is a subscription service for students with documented print disabilities like dyslexia. They have a library of the latest high interest literature for students of all ages as well as some textbooks.

  • Public Library Digital Audio Books

    Most public libraries offer audio books. Today many have digital audio services like and that will play books on your favorit device. Contact your local public library for more detail.


    Just for fun offers a great selection of audiobooks of all kinds. This is a paid service.

  • Amazon’s Kindle WhisperSync

    Audible paired with Amazon’s Kindle WhisperSync (Immersion Reading)- books available on Amazon for the Kindle supply the print. Download the Audible version as well and your Kindle, IOS or Android device will automatically sync the two so that the book is narrated and the reader can follow along with the words being highlighted.