Karl Shaikh


I believe in the latent potential we all have.

I have helped some of the largest organizations in the world, as well as some of the most promising startups and non-profit organizations with their strategy, strategic thinking, and planning. I totally get entrepreneurs & Non-Profit Orgs, and they get me!  I work with leaders to help them address strategic issues, and unleash organizations’ latent potential. How do I do that…?

– By looking for the difference that makes the difference, there’s always something pivotal in what I learn that’s a critical decision point.

– By anticipating the magic moments when we will discover the ripple effects of the small decisions we take today.

– Our collective intuition guides us to knowing which experiments will maximize our learning.

– Breaking through each juncture, puts you on a flexible path of evolution.

I started my first business in 2003. I have earned an MBA and a Masters in Finance. I am currently working on earning a PhD.

I also thoroughly enjoy observing/facilitating the latent potential of my two elementary school age kids flourishes.

Stand UP LD Is..

a non-profit support network for parents and educators seeking resources to support and inspire children with learning differences.

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