Dyslexia & ADHD Programming addressing Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

Providing a variety of inspirational programming for students, parents and teachers

Inspirational Speakers

Get Inspired!

Our StandUpLD inspirational speakers have lived with dyslexia, ADHD, and related learning differences. They will share what their journey has been like and what insights they have learned along the way. These events are great for students, parents, and educators! 

Round Tables

Find Resources!

Assistive Technology Round Tables

You and your student will have the opportunity to rotate through tables representing the latest in technology and advocacy resources for students with learning differences. This is a unique opportunity to see technology demonstrated and to ask questions.

Ask an Expert Round Tables

Representatives from local, state and national organizations, meet with parents to provide insight and resources. Information on audiobooks, navigating public school, advocating resources, private school options and how to access free federal programs are all available to answer questions and provide information for parents.

Student Workshops

Empowering Events!

We host events for all ages the help with Social and emotional learning (SEL), here are a few examples of some of our favorite events:

StandUp, Speak Out!

Students learn about the historical significance of soapboxes, the event culminates in each student creating their own soapbox and speaking out about their own story.

StandUp for your Super Powers!

The StandUp for your Super Powers workshop is designed to help students and parents self-advocate based on their strengths.  

StandUp, Live Loud!

The StandUp, Live Loud! 3-hour workshop flips the discussion from trying to identify and fix weaknesses to one in which young people learn to use their strengths to create a vision for the future.

Parents attend for the first hour during which an overview and discussion on what it means to Stand Up, Live Loud.  Parents will connect with other parents and learn how to identify and nurture their child’s strengths and how this self-knowledge develops the self-esteem to Live Loud and control the future.  

The entire workshop is designed to support and empower students 12 and up to begin to navigate the transitions ahead of them through self-awareness, self-advocacy, and leveraging their unique strengths.  


Make Connections!

Meet and connect with other parents on the journey to support and advocate for their child with a learning difference.

Stand UP LD Is..

a non-profit support network for parents and educators seeking resources to support and inspire children with learning differences.

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