Dyslexia & ADHD - Ask an Expert & Tech Round Table Event

Our technology and resource round table event is for parents, and classroom teachers.  You will have the opportunity to rotate through tables representing the latest in technology and advocacy resources for parents and teachers of students with learning differences.  This is a unique opportunity to meet face to face with experts and to see assistive technology demonstrated!

Some of our experts include:

Stephanie Forbis, MA, LPC – Diagnostic Services Coordinator
Tricia Quisenberry M ED. Dyslexia Outreach Coordinator
Topic Discussed: Scottish Rite Hospital Luke Waites Center for Dyslexia & Learning Disorders — Services & Support

Laura Sparkman, M.S., LPC, NCC
Topic Discussed: Executive Functioning

Crystal Turner, OTR
Topic Discussed: Social & Emotional Regulation

Amy Kelton M. Ed.,LDT,CALT, QI from Shelton School
Topic Discussed: ADHD

Margaret Simmons M.L.S. from Shelton School
Tech Demo: Google Read & Write

Eric McGehearty, Dyslexic CEO
TECH DEMO: Using Assistive Technology in your Everyday Life

Tammy Lea, CALT
Topic Discussed: Helping Your Dyslexic Child at Home

Dr. Heather Stephens, Educational Diagnostician
Topic Discussed: How Diagnostic Assessment Data Drives individualized instructional needs of students.

Sara Furlich, Sp Ed, MACE
Topic Discussed: Preparing Your Student for College

Karen Beard
Topic Discussed: Bookshare (audiobooks)

Dylan Rafaty
Topic Discussed: Assistive Technology Demo of C-Hear

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