Let's Talk LD: Conquering Learning Disabilities at Any Age

This important, insightful, and moving first-hand account of triumph over adversity will inspire and help many.” —Susan Hauser, assistant dean, Yale University, 1973-1999

Join StandUpLD co-founder Eric McGehearty as he interviews Bryan Mark Rigg, Ph.D. about his new book Conquering Learning Disabilities at Any Age: How an ADHD/LD Kid graduated from Yale and Cambridge, became a Marine officer, Military Historian, Financial Advisor and caring father!
This will be a Facebook Live event, so be sure to connect to our Facebook Page at facebook.com/StandUpLD.
As a child, Bryan Rigg was a menace. He was a tornado who couldn’t speak intelligibly or control his temper, and was as likely to be found on the roof as he was on the ground. Today, this boy is a man who speaks two languages and eventually got a PhD. His doctoral thesis was so extraordinary it became an acclaimed book, covered by national and international media. After college, he served in the Israel Defense Forces, accepted an officer commission in the U.S. Marine Corps, taught at the university level, worked on Wall Street, and built a successful financial services firm.
All from a boy who couldn’t read or write until he was eight.
Known for his groundbreaking work as a World War II historian, Rigg brings his gifts for academic research and storytelling to this memoir, in which he shares his personal experience in turning his distinctive gifts to his advantage. He shares his challenging journey, including the patience and persistence of his mother and teachers, his grit and determination to excel, the obstacles he still faces every day, and the benefits to living with learning disabilities and ADHD. It’s an unsparing personal look into what actually works and what doesn’t, and how this can help teachers, parents, and others in the LD/ADHD community.
Conquering Learning Disabilities at Any Age is a blueprint for creating a life that works with our neurological differences, and not against them. [Available through Amazon]

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