PuzzlePal – October 2020


StandUpLD is launching a PuzzlePal project. This project is a fun way for students to share their creativity and connect with other LD students. Each student will be mailed a blank puzzle and markers. Students will draw their unique puzzle picture on the blank puzzle and then break it apart and mail it to their PuzzlePal. Students are encouraged to include a letter telling about themselves and about the puzzle they made. Parents are welcome to scribe or take dictation for their child.

Each kit will also include an addressed envelope with pre-paid postage to send their puzzle to their PuzzlePal. In turn, your child will enjoy receiving a puzzle surprise from their PuzzlePal at the end of the project.

Once the puzzle has been received and assembled, families are encouraged to share a photo with the completed puzzle they received on social media with the hashtags #StandUpLD and #PuzzlePal

To register and participate please purchase the supply kit, prior to Nov. 2nd, 2020. If you have multiple children that would like to participate in the project please select the quantity below and you’ll be given the opportunity to fill in information for each child during the checkout process.

*US shipping only



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